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IaSFSI board meeting minutes


Meeting called to order by Doug Kolkman Pres at 2012 hrs on Sunday June 4th 2023

Members present  Doug Kolkman, Al McCuen, Randy Elsbernd, Chris Smith, Richard Newton, Pat Fey, Jered Hansen, Jerry Wiser.


Motion to adopt agenda by Pat second by Chris.

Treasures report $6000.00 and some change didn’t have an exact figure.   No cost to set up account because of the 501C3

Old Business  we have none


New business

 Web site slowly getting updated along with the face book Page.  Fire school display items society banner, trifold needs updated.  We have T shirts short and long sleeve, 216 patches ,and 8 challenge coins.

We discussed complimentary memberships to people who have successfully completed instructor 1 and have the cert.

Dual membership to the international are done on your own.

Plaque for instructor of the year to be engraved  motion by Richard Second by Chris.

FSTB wont pay for anything until we get our numbers back up then they will reconsider.

Al reached out to IFSTA to see if we can get flash drives donated John Conrad from IFSTA said yes they will donate them

Brochure development was discussed.  This will be our 60th anniversary.  Dawn Bisner Volunteered to put it together.

Motion to get Dawn a $50 gift certificate by Richard second by Jerad

2024 conference is set for April 12th &13th  At the Stoney creek inn Pioneer room seat 120 people

Motel rate is $69 plus tax

Friday afternoon we will have Train the Trainer at camp Dodge on the 3 most used props. The 2 burn trailers and the Mobat trailer

We have 3 speakers to choose from

  1. Doug Kline fee is $1000.00 fee $600.00 for travel plus motel

  2. Brian Kazmierzak $750.00 fee $400.00 travel plus motel

  3. Kim Pishkowsky all she wants is travel and motel covered

We will get ne pricing for a Friday Saturday for the meeting room, food.

$1500.00 deposit and a signed contract money will be applied to the final bill

Al will Donate $100.00 to whoever brings in the most new members

Doug will contact motel about food and room

Motion to adjourn by Pat second by Randy

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